We’re all familiar with the popularity of Instagram. With 2 billion monthly active users and 50% of those users scrolling through their feed each day, Instagram is the third most popular social media platform. So it comes as no surprise that many businesses choose to utilize this platform. As Instagram and its marketing potential keeps growing, you may be wondering what’s new? What features can help my business that I didn’t already know of? Custom Instagram filters!

Custom Instagram Filters

Instagram AR Effects or Instagram filters are a new way for businesses to gain a following on the platform. You may be wondering what an Instagram AR Effects is and how it differs from the Instagram filters we all know and love. 

As we know, Instagrams preset filters change the quality of an image without actually adding any content to the image. This is useful for users trying to maintain certain branding throughout their feed. Custom Instagram filters are a great way to build on your brand aesthetic and provide you with an easy way to edit images right on the platform.

Instagram AR filters, AR standing for augmented reality, superimpose an interactive element into your images and are only used on Instagram stories. They work similarly to the Instagram face filters that we’re familiar with. In order to find and use Instagrams filters, you’ll need to access the creator’s Instagram and swipe across to view and try the effect for yourself. There is also an “Effect Gallery” for you to discover new AR filters in. 

How Can Instagram AR Filters Help My Business?

With one third of the most viewed Instagram stories being from businesses, there is a huge opportunity to expand your social media presence using AR filters. Many businesses have taken advantage of using the AR filters to connect with their audience in a fun and engaging new way.

Some brands even use this tool as a new way for customers to familiarise themselves with their products. For instance, a makeup brand may use a custom Instagram AR filter to show customers how their new lipstick line could look on them.

Instagram is a highly engaging platform with highly engaged users. Users are ready and willing to engage with the creative aspect of the platform and Instagram filters is one way in which users can do so. There are a wide range of custom Instagram filters out there so ensuring that yours stick out from the crowd can be tough. Ideally there’s a level of virality that you want for your filter whether it be in your community, your industry or for a particular time of year. You want to build a custom Instagram filter that you know would resonate well with your local audience, which is another consideration when creating an Instagram AR filter.

Custom Instagram Filters for Events

Utilizing a custom Instagram filter is a great way to promote an event. By including the event name and/or event details within the filter, you can begin to drum up excitement for that event. A great example is the Instagram filter below which is promoting the Olympics. Despite the event still being 1 year away, the Olympic committee still put out engaging filters for people to be reminded of this world-wide event. This type of marketing works on a smaller scale too.

A user who sees an AR filter will be reminded of the event and may also decide to use the same filter in their Instagram stories. This essentially causes a chain reaction and what can lead to custom Instagram filters going viral. While not every Instagram filter can and would go viral, one that is well designed and resonates well with your audience has every chance to go viral.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can unlock immense and innovative marketing potential for your business or organization to reach new heights! We create custom AR enabled filters and effects for Instagram and Snapchat, and these can range from AR enabled Instagram and Snapchat games to simple effects to market your event/company/product or more!


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