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A new and upcoming specialty within AI and machine learning, knowledge mining is proving to be a business optimizing solution to improve business processes and their efficiency. Companies around the world are looking to leverage AI to intelligently index, sort, and access documents, and Abstract Hub has 2+ years of experience and expertise in achieving just that. With experience in creating structure out of unstructured data, using OCR to transcribe documents, and cloud-based cognitive services to intelligently index them, we’re here to assess your business needs and help you achieve your goals in an efficient way. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you and your business become more efficient with knowledge mining!

Here is a list of what is possible with knowledge mining:
  • OCR-enabled smart transcription for documents
  • Intelligently sorting unstructured data such as videos and pictures
  • Picture analysis and tagging using computer vision
  • Smart indexing and cloud-based search services
  • … and much more!

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Knowledge Mining - Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge mining is an up-and-coming AI service that leverages AI and machine learning to understand, index, sort, and structure any sort of data, from documents to spreadsheets and videos. Knowledge mining uses AI techniques such as OCR (optical character recognition), NLP (natural language processing), and more to understand data and be able to sort, index, and structure it, making it easier for businesses and organizations to index and sort their data and use and access it more efficiently.

Knowledge mining applications are vast, from intelligently sorting and indexing videos geographically, to using OCR to transcribe thousands of documents, and text analytics to create synonym maps between documents. Contact Abstract Hub today and we’d love to let you know how we can leverage knowledge mining to help your business or organization.

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