Solar Water

Water For All

Solar Water is a UN recognized, French-Turkish technology that provides up to 45 liters of clean drinking water and 200 liters of usage water (shower, washing, laundry etc).

It is eco-friendly as it uses the process of solar distillation to purify unclean water (wastewater, rainwater, groundwater, seawater, ocean water, industrial wastewater except for radioactive water) into clean drinking water (TDS level – 137 mg/l).

TUV SUD Test Report (Download)

Technical Document (Download)

Why Solar Water?

  • It has a life of 25 years, due to its stainless steel corrosion free body
  • Provides up to 45 liters of clean drinking water a day
  • Provides up to 200 liters of usage water a day
  • It requires minimal maintenance, with filters being changed every five years
  • It is portable and can be installed anywhere
  • It only uses solar thermal energy to operate
  • It removes disease causing bacteria unlike its counterparts (RO Plants)

Solar Water Process

Who Is It For?

  • Villages
  • Refugee Camps
  • Schools
  • Rural Health Care Centers
  • Residential Households
  • Islands/Coastal Areas
  • Remote Sites
  • Tourist Sites

Solar Water for Sea Water

One variation of Solar Water purifies and remineralizes saltwater ideals for coastal areas. It provides up to 45 liters of clean drinking water per day. The life span is 20+ years due to the type of steel used.

Solar Water for Groundwater

Another variation of Solar Water purifies and remineralizes groundwater, ideal for locations in Sindh lacking clean drinking water or a proper sea source. It provides up to 45 liters of clean drinking as well as 200 liters of utility water per day for showers, cleaning, washing etc. The life span is about 15 years, as a different type of steel is used.

Two-In-One Solar Water

A third variation is also available which provides not only clean drinking water but also electricity for simple utility usage such as charging, lamps, small fridges, TVs etc. It uses PV Panels along with Thermal Panels; the PV panels supply electricity to households, while the thermal panels serve the water purification unit.

Note: The first two variations can be used for larger settlements or a shared community tank, while PV panels Solar Water can be used for individual households. Areas lacking sunlight can have an electric outlet compensating for the solar thermal panels, allowing the distillation method to work perfectly.

Solar Water’s Comparison to RO Plants

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