Abstract Pods

A House That Becomes a Home

Abstract Pods are relocatable, eco-friendly, pre-engineered homes developed by ModulusTech.

The basic unit (256sq.ft) can be assembled in 3 hours and completed in 3 days, taking away the hassle of construction time & construction waste.

Make your own Pods for:

  • Private Dens/Offices at home
  • Private Library
  • Home Gym
  • Movie Lounge
  • Home Annex or Room Extensions
  • Chalets in Farmhouses
  • Beach Hut
  • Storage Room
  • Staff Room or Guard Room

Note: The price and size varies as per customer need.

Why Do You Need Abstract Pods

  • Private space to enjoy with loved ones
  • Private space to read, write, paint
  • Playroom for toddlers
  • Study space for educationists
  • Movie lounge or in-home cinema/cigar room
  • Quiet lounge for creative individuals
  • Private office space at home
  • Storage Rooms for excess baggage
  • Room for Rent or AirBnB


  • Hassle free and timely construction
  • One Stop solution
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30+ Year Life
  • Eco-Friendly with a carbon footprint 50 times less than that of concrete
  • Relocatable
  • Energy efficient with superior heat insulation: Up to 50°C
  • Rain Proof
  • Wind Resistant upto 90mph
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Earthquake Resistant


  • Winner of the Low-Carbon Lifestyle Challenge of UN Environment
  • Top 3 Cleantech Innovations at the Global Cleantech Innovation Awards of UNIDO in Los Angeles

Abstract Hub is focused on improving living standards by introducing smart solutions to Pakistan via digital technology and innovation in the field of urban development, housing, energy, water, and more. We build, develop, and distribute smart technologies and provide consulting to business aiming to innovate.

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