5 Resources we Waste that can be used to make a Home for Someone

From the water that we drink to the brick that builds a room, all are resources or require resources to build. All resources are scarce and that creates value for them. However, humans have a tendency to lose value for things and that is the same case with most of these resources.

How many times have you seen someone wasting water by keeping the tap open while washing hands? How many times have we seen people waste food or wood? How many resources do we waste and don’t even realize that they can be used to create something for someone? The latest example of this is the Covid-19 mask that has a one-time use and is mostly thrown away. However, the masks aren’t biodegradable and are polluting the oceans as we speak.

This is just one of the many examples of a wastage of a resource that can be recycled in other areas such as providing bags for nurseries. Similarly, there are plenty of resources that we waste on a daily basis that can be used to make a house.

5Wasted Resources that can make a Home

Newspaper Wood Furniture

We all receive newspapers at home and while many know of a method called paper mache, few know how to turn newspaper into wooden furniture. The entire process may sound like going backwards to you but it has been tried and tested. When you compress both glue and paper in very thin layers and join them, you can make planks of newspaper wood that can be molded to any form of furniture you desire. Instead of having to purchase wooden furniture, why don’t you collect as many newspapers as you can find and start with this?

Bark Siding

The wood industry focuses on utilizing every bit of the tree that is brought down for commercial purposes however, there are parts that are still scrapped off before the final planks appear. These are the barks or the rough edges that can be utilized in frames because of their natural orientation and vibe. Other than that, these bark sidings can be used to make the interior as well as the exterior look phenomenal if you have a good eye for it. You can try going to the nearest logging place in your city and try acquiring several bark sidings to experiment with.

Recycled Steel

The steel ware at your place can always be recycled instead of thrown out. Steel folks, dishes, saucers and pans can all be melted down to make steel beams for the construction of house foundations. Of course, the steel would not a 100 percent recycled but at least you won’t be increasing the demand for it in the market. The more the demand is, the more they will mine to cater to it. You can also look up DIY videos online on what else you can turn your old steel cutlery into. Take some inspiration and then start on your own little project.

Recycled Glass Ceilings

Glass products are pretty much everywhere. You might have loved the juice that came in that glass bottle or had a bad accident with dropping a glass plate. In both cases, you would throw out the glass and never have to see it again but, in our case, we believe in the power of ‘recycling’.

What this means is that instead of throwing the glass away, why not melt it down to make something else out of it. Glass is 100 percent recyclable and you can melt it in glass kilns to make something completely out of the ordinary. You must have seen glass workers on videos online molding glass into ornate showpieces that you can place at your home. No one will even realize that, that beautiful showpiece you have in your living room was once a glass bottle of Tropicana.

Nappy Roofs:

This is the project of a company called Knowaste that helps turn used baby nappies into plastics that can be used to build roofs that are strong and cheap to own. Knowaste is a North American company and while it may be hard for you to do this on your own, you can try sending them an email and ask how they carry out their processing. Maybe you’ll find yourself lucky.


The world we now live in has millions of people coming with bright ideas as global warming becomes a bigger issue. Thousands are on the verge of breakthrough inventions that can revolutionize industries in utilizing key resources in the most efficient way possible. Hopefully, one of them will be the housing industry.