How a Local Startup is Helping Stray Dogs get Shelter

Animals exist side by side with humans and have done so for thousands of years. We have been able to tame many of them for centuries as they have assisted us in tasks that led us to where we are now in our history. To an animal enthusiast, we owe them a lot of gratitude for the feats we have accomplished over the course of time. Yet, the story is not as simple as it seems because, while there may be a bright side to animals helping humans, humans have been equally cruel to them.

How many of us have ever stopped a man or a woman from beating an animal on the streets? From pebbles to sticks to the mass genocide of these poor creatures, we have witnessed everything but fail to stop people or institutions from doing anything. One tends to lose hope in such situations because the kind of cruelty we’re capable of is clearly visible when we take part in the action. Whether we like it or not, we are all guilty of the crime.

However, it only takes a few to cry out ‘enough’ and with brilliant organizations such as WWF Pakistan or local foundations such as ACF (Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation) or university-run operations such as AWSA (Animal Welfare Students Association) in IBA, we have taken a single step in the right direction. These individual organizations have run several campaigns in not only highlighting an alarming issue in our society but also highlight what needs to be done. We have infested in their homes and have the audacity to preach otherwise. Which is why there needs to be a balance.

How the Idea came to Being?

A good idea often comes to mind when there are grave problems around us that require solutions. Oko Pet is the invention of ModulusTech and story has its simple beginnings. The team at the company was already involved in building sustainable homes (Oko Pods) for the less privileged and privileged alike but then, they had an idea of why not incorporating this for stray dogs as well. Since stray dogs are not only ruthlessly killed on the streets but are also the majority in the population, the team came up with a design that would primarily sustain their living.

This led to the #SOS or Save our Strays Campaign that allowed communities to have an option to invest in that would provide these beautiful creatures a home.

What is an Oko Pet?

Abstract Hub has always worked for the betterment of the community and its living creatures and that includes animals as well. The Oko Pet is an invention that allows strays to have their own homes throughout the city which allows them protection against the elements. Both Abstract Hub and ModulustTech believe in the cause and therefore, have collaborated on the project. Imagine being homeless and not being able to talk about it. The kind of conditions animals live in is preposterous to a civilized society because they too are a part of that society.

The Oko Pet – Save our Strays Campaign has been underway to allow animal lovers to donate towards building homes for the voiceless and giving them a chance to live their lives not having to wander from place to place. Having a shelter is a blessing that we cannot take away from anyone, especially animals. Dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, and other tamed creatures are all sensitive, sentient beings. To treat them as equal partners in the environment is important in ensuring a species doesn’t go extinct because of the selfishness of another.

Benefits of an Oko Pet?

There are several benefits that an Oko Pet home offers an animal and its owner. As a starter, the Oko Pet is extremely cheap to build for both your own pet and any strays in the area. ModulusTech follows an altruistic model to ensure communities can help solve problems within them. They are built with Eco-friendly materials and are not toxic to the animals that live within them. They also have a life of 10 years and have windcatchers that allow for better ventilation of the Oko Pet that helps the animal cool off.

Other benefits include:

Easy to Clean

If you own a pet, you know the struggle it is to keep them clean. Now imagine the home that they would live in. Fortunately, our Oko Pet design is made to ensure that the owner is able to wash the entire structure clean in one go.

Sturdy Design

It is important that once the Oko Pet is built that it would last you for quite a while. That is the reason why we invented a design that allows maximum life from the materials used so that your animal can own their home for a long time.


With unforeseen elements come several surprises. It is important to understand that an Oko Pet can withstand the rain and any other wash you give it because we don’t want things to fall apart when we need them the most. Besides, your value for money is extremely important to us.

What do the Customers think?

Several customers have bought an Oko Pet for their pet or for strays out on the streets. Many of them are hysterical at receiving their Oko Pet because of the comfort it offers to their animal or a stray animal. There are several testimonials by these individuals that give us an idea of how successful the product is in the market and the kind of need we have for building homes for animals.

If you wish to find out more, you can follow our Instagram handle to read the testimonials.


There are several other benefits to purchasing an Oko Pet for your animal or a stray. The point, however, remains the same. If we encroach in spaces that were previously animal territories, we need to come up with a sustainable way of living beside them because it is our fault that they lose their homes. They too deserve to be included in the decisions we make when we are building construction projects or laying down railway lines etc.

Join us in our effort to build as many homes for these beautiful creatures as possible. Visit ModulusTech to find out more.