4 Activities To Keep You Going During Quarantine

With the third month of lockdown kicking in, almost all of us have lost all hope of staying indoors. Interestingly, we not only see individuals starting to step outside of their homes, but governments also relaxing restrictions for the sake of the economy. 

However, despite the extensive lockdown, many countries are still noticing a surge in the coronavirus cases and people are now getting frustrated with the prospect of yet another lockdown. To mitigate any sort of negative feelings if the lockdown continues to prevail, we have listed some fun activities for you to try that will keep you productive and active for a long period of time: 

Organize Your Cupboards 

Have you been delaying spring cleaning like almost every person out there? Well, this is the ideal time for you to clean out your closet to organise your shoes, clothes and all personal belongings. Youtube has some must-watch tutorials that guide you on some useful organising tips and techniques. We suggest you watch those and apply all the tricks learned for a well-organised cupboard. 

You can also work harder by organising your kitchen pantry and utensils cabinet. If you’re one of those persons who requires 30 extra minutes to look for certain ingredients before cooking, you might want to get that cabinet cleaned and organised. 

Here are some of the positives and negatives of undertaking this activity: 


  • An extremely organised household 
  • Easier to find any sort of belongings in the future 
  • An extremely proud parent/guardian/spouse 
  • Self satisfaction by implementing spring cleaning in the midst of summer 


  • Tons of effort taken 
  • Slightly time consuming (can be mitigated by organising your time smartly!) 

Read A Book 

Are you still stuck on the book you started in 2018? Still don’t think it’s the right time to complete that book? Well, something needs to change now. And that change will definitely be your reading ability. 

It’s never too late to pick up your favourite book, and it’s certainly never too late to finish the incomplete book from two years ago. All you require is some quiet time and the mere motivation of reading. All of this should stem from your ability and motivation to learn because one is never too old to gain any sort of motivation. 


  • Gaining new knowledge on any subject matter 
  • Enhancing your reading skills 
  • Another ability to partake in those Facebook comment wars on intense subjects 


  • Might be difficult for you to pick out your favourite book! 

Become A Content Creator 

The internet has abundant new and upcoming content creators, but it could always use more. If there is a subject or niche that genuinely excites you, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and express your opinions or post about them. You don’t need to think like Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos in the beginning – the idea is to get you started so you can reach somewhere in the future. 

Some ideas of becoming an influencer during quarantine include: 

  • Online fitness classes 
  • Painting 101: Tips and Tricks for Beginners 
  • Cooking Your Favourite Recipes 
  • Showcasing Your Art/Talent 
  • Generating A Platform For People To Voice Their Opinions 

Depending upon your interest and the amount of engagement you want, your idea can be implemented simply by the click of a few buttons. The platform you choose is also extremely important – many have opted for Facebook due to its high amount of reach, while others have opted for Instagram due to its ease of use and a select target population. 

Remember, all you require is some motivation, an idea and your phone for you to get started. We believe in you, and so should you! 

Practice Mindfulness 

Have you been checking social media too much lately? Is the amount of depressing news slowly getting to you? It might be time to take a step back, and rewind yourself. This can easily be done through a few mindfulness activities that have scientifically been proven to make you feel relaxed, helps untwine your thoughts and allows you to feel fresh and possibly, a newer self. 

To undertake this activity, all you require is some time alone in a comfortable space where you can sit in an upright position and concentrate on your breathing patterns. When you breathe in for four seconds through your nose and breathe out for seven seconds through your mind, signals are sent to your brain that allow you to relax. The idea is for you to be present in the moment and be able to concentrate on nothing except for your breathing patterns and the sounds around you. 

Starting any sort of activity may be difficult, but once you do, you will instantly notice yourself being more active and mentally awake than before. Remember, consistency is key and it is perfectly acceptable to take a breather once in a while.