Can Solar Water be a Solution to the Water Crisis in Pakistan?

Pakistan is amongst the top 10 countries that lack access to clean drinking water. Around 64% of Pakistanis do not have access to this basic necessity. Only 59.7% of the rural population have access to clean drinking water compared to 96.6% of the population in the urban areas. There is also a large disparity between the urban and rural areas of Pakistan when it comes to accessing clean drinking water close to home. Only one in five people living in poverty have access to the luxury of having water available at their doorstep. This lack of access to a basic necessity of life has resulted in many deaths due to water-borne diseases.

Solar Water is a technology that uses Solar distillation to mineralize unclean water, giving an output of 45 Liters of clean drinking water per day which is enough for 2 families. Moreover, it can also produce 200 liters of clean water per day for other household purposes. It does not only provide people with the basic necessity of having clean drinking water but it also helps save the people that die each year due to drinking contaminated water.